Do you take credit cards?


Certainly!  We have a Square account and can accept all forms of credit cards and ApplePay.


Are your syrups gluten-free?




Do you have sugar-free flavorings?


            Yes, we offer four different flavors of sugar-free Snowie flavoring on our bus.


Where are you set up today?


            Follow our Facebook page for detailed updates about where the Snowie bus will be available to the public.


How many flavors can I put on?


            As many as you want—however—we generally don’t recommend more than three to make sure it stays tasting great!


Do you have Malibu rum in the bus?


            No, unfortunately that requires a different type of license.  ;-)


Will you do a fundraiser for my kids’ school?


            Absolutely!  Check out our fundraising options here (include link)


What size of event can you handle?


            We’ve taken the Snowie bus to locations where we’ve served 10 people, and we’ve taken it to places where there were several thousand in attendance.  Contact us to give you an accurate price based on your specific scenario!

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